X4 Labs Review And Documented Results After 6 Months Of Use

If you’re going to buy an extender then the only one I recommend buying is the X4 Labs.

  • For all of you who don’t know, the product I’m talking about is an extender from www.X4Labs.com

Reviews! 4 New X4 Labs reviews have been submitted below by other buyers for you to read!

I’ve used 2 other extenders and both of them were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wear them for longer than 45 minutes before it felt like my dick was going to fall off.

Then I tried the X4 Labs extender which comes with a new double strap comfort system which makes it so much more comfortable to wear.

This meant that I could leave it on for hours and let it do its thing.

I’ve been using the X4 Labs extender for 6 months now and have decided to post my X4 Labs results and my before and after pics with you all.

Have you ever wished that your  was just a couple of inches bigger?

Then everything would be alright.

I wished that ever since I was a teenager and a bunch of girls from my school saw me naked at the swimming pool locker rooms.

They laughed and started telling all their friends that I had a small dick.

It was true, I wasn’t that big and it destroyed all my confidence around women.

When I got a bit older I started looking into surgery and if it was possible to get bigger that way.

Well it is possible but it’s expensive and most men who go through it report that they are unhappy with their results and wished they hadn’t done it.

But I had to do something, if only I was just a couple of inches bigger..

As fate would have it, while I was reading about surgery I heard about these devices called extenders.

I learned that other than surgery they are the only other medically proven way to increase the size of your .

This report by the British Journal of Urology confirms that they work.

Apparently, the average man who uses an extender for more than 12 weeks will gain over an inch.

Now I don’t know if you are familiar with extenders but there are literally hundreds of them available for sale.

Choosing the right one is hard!

After spending a week reading reviews and doing research I learned that most of them are so uncomfortable that guys can’t wear them for longer than half an hour before their  goes numb and almost falls off.

That’s because most extenders use a single noose at the end that wraps around the head of your  and this cuts off the circulation.

Like this one..

But then I read this post about an extender called the X4 Labs.

“Guys if you’re having trouble wearing an extender then take a look at the X4 labs version as it has a new double strap design. i just got mine and it’s much more comfortable. I can wear this one for hours!”


This extender uses a double strap system for comfort so lessens the load and doesn’t cut off the circulation.

It comes with a 1-year money back guarantee so I took the plunge and I bought the X4 Labs Premium Edition.

It arrived quickly and discreetly.

As soon as it arrived I decided to give it a try.

The extender itself felt sturdy and well-made and when I put it on I felt that it was comfortable and provided a good stretch like it was supposed to do.

It was so comfortable that on the very first day I was able to wear it all afternoon for a good 6 hours before bed.

When I took it off there was no pain but it felt like my dick had gone through a good workout!

My routine: Now that the X4 Labs extender had arrived all that was left to do was wear it!

Before buying I learned that you need to take a day off every 3-4 days to let your  recover.

Just like you wouldn’t train chest every day, you don’t want to train dick every day. 🙂

I wore it for I would say an average of 8 hours per day and every 3 or 4 days I would take a day off.

And that was my routine.

Now let’s talk about what really matters, and that’s whether it actually works or not.

My X4 Labs Results

Because the extender is comfortable and I was able to wear it for more than 8 hours per day I actually saw growth by the end of my first month.

At the end of month one I had grown about 2cm.

Not a massive amount but to me it meant hope!

So, I carried on using it for another 6 months and here are my before and after pics.

Amazing right?!

As well as helping me gain 2 inches in length I have been amazed at how hard my ions have become and how much more control I have over when I .

Over the past 6 months life has just kept getting better and better.

I feel like thanks to X4 Labs and making gains my confidence has gone way up and I’m enjoying life a lot more.

I had  the other day and for the first time ever I wasn’t shy about taking my clothes off and can honestly say that for the first time ever I was able to give it to a woman good in bed. 🙂

Right now there’s an 80% off sale on the official website at www.X4Labs.com (Personally, bought the Premium.)

So yeah, it feels strange saying it but it really is possible to make your  larger without surgery, I did it and so can you.

Just remember, gains won’t happen overnight so be consistent and keep at it and gains will come soon enough!

X4 Labs Reviews

Great extender!

There are a lot of extenders for sale isn't there? I chose the X4Labs after reading your review and now it's arrived I feel like it was the right choice.

When I wear it I feel the stretch and just know that over time this will cause growth. And the double straps are comfortable enough that I can wear it most of the time. I will take days off like you said.

Delivery was fast so all is good! Now I can't wait to see results!

Over an inch gained!!

I switched from the SG extender to the X4 and couldn't be happier after reading this review. The SG made my dick go numb because it cut off the circulation but this one I can wear all day with no pain!!

In the last 4 weeks I have averaged 11 hours per day and have grown almost an inch in length.

So happy right now and I'm glad I stumbled upon your review!


1cm in 2 weeks!

I read that extenders are the most effective way to make your  bigger at home and they were right. I have been extending for 2 weeks and have grown over a cm. I should definitely take a day off though for repair as I've been using it for 2 weeks straight. Anyway, it's good!

In 9 months I gained 1 3/4 inches

I bought my X4 Labs extender last year and have been using it for 9 months or so. I went from exactly 6 inches to 7 ¾ and now I wear it for 30 minutes per day because I heard that's good for maintaining results.

I don't want to get any bigger as the wife says that's enough.

I hope my little review helps. The X4 Labs is the best and well worth the money.

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X4 Labs Questions and Answers

How does the extender work? Well, the process is similar to what happens with bodybuilding. When you use the extender it stretches your , kind of like exercise.

All of this stretching causes tiny little micro tears and gaps that your body must then fill in and repair.

This is why it’s important to have regular days off so that your body can repair itself.

Over time this causes growth.

Is it safe? Yes, just like it’s safe to do curls and bench press it’s safe to use the X4 Labs extender.

If you find that the stretch is too painful then just lower the tension a bit.

How long before I see growth? Growth happens slowly but with regular use the little gains will add up into something major.

My first month I gained almost 2cm. I think on average you can expect to gain about 1cm per month.

How many inches can I gain? To be honest I don’t think there is a limit. I’ve heard of people gaining more than 3 inches but they used their extender for a year or 2.

Will it also help me gain girth? Yes! It would be weird if you only gained length wouldn’t it? Thankfully, you will add girth in proportion to length.

Are the gains permanent? Well again, just like with bodybuilding if you build up your arms for 6 months and then put the weights down forever, sooner or later your arms will return to normal.

Your results will be kind of permanent but I recommend using the X4 Labs extender for 30-60 mins per day for a good stretch once you’ve reached your goal size just to maintain your results.

WhichX4 Labs Package Should You Buy?

There are 3 main packages that are compared here.LINKhttps://www.x4labs.com/compare-x4-extenders/

Deluxe Edition: I don’t recommend the basic deluxe edition as it doesn’t appear to come with the double strap system.

Premium Edition: This is the package that I purchased and would definitely recommend buying.

Gold Luxury Edition: Now there is an even better package that’s a bit more expensive. With this package you get a new “Ultra Fit Velcro” strap system, 4,200 grams of tension compared to 3,900 for the Premium edition, a luxury case, cleaning spray, traction lube, more of all the accessories and a lifetime warranty.

Which one to buy? Personally, I bought and am very happy with the Premium package!

However, the Gold package looks appealing too and it’s only an extra $100 which is not that much when you think about how often you’ll be using the device.

You can take a look at the 3 main packages here.LINK https://www.x4labs.com/compare-x4-extenders/

If I could go back then I would order the “Gold Luxury Edition” as it gives more value for money and you get pretty much everything.

Get The X4 Labs For Free!

I just noticed that they have a special offer on their website.

When you buy it, you can opt-in to a program where you agree to track your results for 6 months.

You basically track your size and take a photo every week.

If you do this then at the end of the 6 months they will refund your money so you get a bigger  and your money back! 🙂

You can learn more about the free extender offer here.

Why I Recommend The X4 Labs

It’s Comfortable! Other extenders only use one strap or noose to elongate your  which cuts off the circulation.

The X4 Labs extenders uses a double strap which is comfortable enough to wear all day.

There are 2 major players when it comes to extenders. The SizeGenetics and the X4 Labs.

Not only does the X4 come with a double strap, more tension and more accessories it is also $120 cheaper and it comes with a 1-year money back guarantee.

It works! I could sit here and go on all day about how much it’s changed my life but you already know all about that from the review above.

The best thing I can say is that it just works.

If you put in the time and effort to wear it for at least a few months then you can expect;

  • To gain an inch or more in length.
  • Added girth.
  • Harder ions.
  • More control over when you .
  • More confidence both in and out of bed.

Right now, you can get a total of 80% of the X4 Labs on the official website at www.X4Labs.com

Here’s another quick review I found where the guy used it for 500 hours and went from 5.5 to 7 inches!

Pic of post

(500 hours may sound a lot but at 8 hours per day, 500 hours is only 2 months of use.)

Conclusion: Thanks for reading, I hope you found my X4 Labs review helpful!

This extender really does work, just make sure that when you wear it you use enough tension to feel a good stretch but not too much tension that it hurts.

If you can wear it for at least 6 hours per day, preferably 8 hours+ then you will see amazing results with the X4 Labs extender like I did.

  • Get yours from LINK

Life is a whole lot more fun with a bigger . 🙂

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