Vigfx Review – It’s Time To Talk About My Results..

Welcome: If you’re thinking about buying VigFX then this review is for you.

I’ve been using it for the past 3 months and now I’m writing this review to talk about my results!

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The thought of using a supplement like this would have been crazy to me a few years ago.

I was healthy, fit and had a great  drive.

But after hitting 30 I noticed that my  drive, energy and fitness levels started to plummet.

I even went to my doctor and got blood tests done.

She told me there was nothing wrong with me and that I was just getting older.

So I just accepted it until last year when I turned 35 years old.

I was barely able to get an ion anymore and me and my girlfriend were having  once a week, if that.

Neither of us were happy and I felt like a chump because I couldn’t bang her right anymore.

So I did what you’re doing now and started Googling ways to fix my problem.

I discovered that there’s like a million products for sale!

That’s when I found this post on a forum about VigFX and it looked legit..

“Vigfx has been working amazing for me since I began using it. Probably the most powerful supplement I’ve ever tried. I’ve gotten a proper erection every day for the last 7 days!”

I thought about it for a while and ended up purchasing a 3-month supply and it arrived a few days later in plain packaging.

And that’s how I came to start using this stuff.

So now you’re probably wondering..

“Does VigFX actually work?”

Well here’s how it went for me.

My VigFX Results

First of all here’s what they say on the official website what you can expect to happen from taking VigFX..

Now I’m going to talk about my own experience using it..

Month 1 – For the first few days I barely felt a thing but that’s to be expected as I read somewhere that it can take a while for the ingredients to build up within your body before they start to take effect.

After a couple of weeks I began to notice some changes.

First of all I noticed that my skin was looking tighter and a couple of people commented that I looked younger and asked if I had lost weight or something.

I also began to notice that I had a bit more energy and focus about me.

I just felt really good but to tell you the truth at this point I couldn’t tell if the changes were real or some kind of placebo effect of taking VigFX.

By the end of week 3 I really started to notice the effects.

All of a sudden as if out of nowhere my  drive just went through the roof.

Me and my girlfriend were going to bed one evening and she was wearing a y red underwear and matching bra and ZOING I looked down and saw that I had the biggest ion of my life.

It was like my  had been injected with rocket fuel or something.

My girlfriend was in shock and for the first time in a long time I was actually able to give her a good seeing too and actually satisfy her.

Now usually after having  it would be at least a few days before I was really interested in doing it again but the next day thanks to VigFX I was horny again!

My girlfriend was amazed and wondered what had come over me.

Month 2 – I feel like it took around 6 weeks for the effects of VigFX to fully reveal themselves and by this time I felt like my old self again.

No, better than my old self.

After using VigFX for 6 weeks me and my girlfriend were doing it at least once a day and sometimes after finishing I’d get hard again with 10 minutes.

I felt younger and more energetic and my  drive was higher than when I was 21.

One thing that really turned me on was that my ions were at least half an inch bigger than before.

They were fuller and more throbbing and it just turned me on so much to be able to grab my girlfriend and really give it to her.

I also found that I was ming a lot more my s felt a lot more intense and shuddering.

Month 3 – It’s now been 3 months and I find myself writing this review.

To this day VigFX has held up its end of the bargain and I’m still feeling it’s effects.

It feels so good to have found something that works because my  life was dismal before I found these.

But now I feel like I have an incredible  life and it feels good to actually be able to satisfy my girlfriend.

I feel like the price is fair and I will continue to take VigFX for as long as they continue to make it.

The official website to purchase VigFX from is and they also have a 67 day money back guarantee which you can read about here.LINK

Because I’ve seen such incredible changes I wanted to write this VigFX review to help point other guys like yourself in the right direction.

It works but just make sure that you take the pills every day and give them some time to do their thing.

VigFX Reviews

Below are some VigFX reviews, feel free to leave your own if you’ve used it yourself.

So far so good!

I'm done with my first bottle and can say for certain that I feel different and am seeing changes.

More ions, the ability to keep it up for the full duration of .

And like the review said I also have a bit more energy and feel less tired all the time.

So far so good as they say!

Vigfx is working for me!

Like a lot of guys I was put off a little at first by the bold claims of the website. It almost looked too good to be true.

But I gave it a try after reading some reviews that looked to be real and ordered 1 bottle.

The product arrived fast and you wouldn't know from the delivery packaging that it contained dick pills which is good because I live with my parents.

Anyway, the pills are good and they really work. My ions are bigger and I'm getting them more often.

I wake up every morning hard as a rock and my workouts are more intense too. I've ordered a few more bottles which should arrive today.


Vigfx is the best I’ve tried

Me and my wife have been together for over 30 years. I turned 58 this year and wanted something to help reignite our  life.

Hey, us old people like  too you know!

I have tried several products and found Vigfx to be the most effective.

I wouldn't say it's worked miracles but I am getting several full on ions per week whereas before I would be lucky to get 1 ion per month.

So me and the wife are happy and this should make our retirement a bit more fun!

Charles T.

Give it time to work and you will be happy!!

Been looking for a virility product like this to give me a bit of a boost. At first I thought it was junk as it did nothing. But stick with it because it takes time.

Now me and my gf do it every night and my D looks big and hard.

I don't know if I can afford to take it long term but I will take it for as long as I can afford it.

Maybe I should get my gf to chip in with the cost as she's getting half the benefits lol.

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What Is Vigfx?

The VigFX pills are a supplement for men that are supposed to help with ual function.

The website claims that the pills will;

Give you bigger ions: The ingredients are supposed to help increase the blood flow to the  causing your ions to become enlarged.

“I definitely noticed my ions were larger and fuller by about an inch.”

Better : The website claims that the while you are taking VigFX you have better  with you partner.

This kind of goes without saying because  is always going to be better when you can keep it up for longer with a bigger and harder ion.

“I found this to be true, was much better because I could actually get it up and keep it up!”

Increased  drive: They say that you’ll notice a 47% increase in your  drive and desire.

“I went from not being that horny at all to wanting  almost every day so I can definitely say this is true.”

Increased virility: They say that while you’re taking VigFX you’ll notice a big increase in virility.

“I found that I had more energy while I was on this stuff and my skin tightened as if I was younger. I also noticed that I came much more too.”

More stamina: Another claim is that you will notice an increase in stamina.

“I’m not sure if my stamina increased but I could definitely go for longer. I think to increase stamina you need to start working out.”

Faster recovery: They say that you’ll have increased recovery while you’re taking VigFX. By this they mean that after you’ve had  you’ll be ready to go again much sooner.

“A few times after finishing I got hard again within 10 minutes which never used to happen.”

Verdict: I would say that the claims on the VigFX websiteLINK are mostly true.

Apart from stamina I noticed everything they said in their claims so I’m happy about that.

Bioperine and absorption: The VigFX pills contain Bioperine and are made from soft gel caps and have an enteric coating to help you absorb the ingredients better.

Instead of the ingredients getting broken down by stomach acids they survive until they reach the small intestines which helps you absorb up to 90% of the ingredients instead of only 15% like other pills.

Ingredients Of VigFX

Ginkgo Biloba (200mg)This ingredient helps increase blood flow to the  helping to increase the size of ions and getting and maintaining one.

Saw Palmetto (200mg)This ingredient is known as a ual stimulant to increase desire and basically get you horny.

Hawthorne Berry (200mg)This ingredient contains powerful antioxidants that help to increase blood and oxygen flow around the body which will help you to get ions more often and make them more vascular and enlarged.

Tribulus terrestris (150mg) – A powerful testosterone booster. It will help with anti-aging, energy and getting you more interested in .

It’s also good for building muscle if you work out regularly.

Catuaba (100mg)This ingredient helps to produce more semen so that you want  more often which in turn will give you ions more often.

It also means you’ll  more which feels good.

Muira Puama (100mg)A natural aphrodisiac.

Damiana (50mg)This ingredient is a testosterone booster and has been used for hundreds of years to help treat men with ile dysfunction.

Korean Red Ginseng (50mg)This one is known to help prevent premature ejaculation and help one get ions more easily.

Epimedium (30mg) – This is another powerful ingredient that helps to increase the blood flow to the  making it easier to get and maintain a full ion.

Bioperine (10mg)This is a patented ingredient that helps your body absorb more of the other active ingredients so less goes to waste.

Conclusion: All of the ingredients contained within VigFX in some way have properties that should drastically help improve ual function.

Benefits Of Taking VigFX

I can only really talk about the benefits I’ve seen myself so here goes;

  • It makes you feel younger and more energized.
  • It makes your skin look clearer and feel tighter. (Probably because of the testosterone boosting properties of VigFX.)
  • You’ll find you need less sleep and you wake up feeling more refreshed.
  • It will help you build muscle and burn fat faster if you workout regularly.
  • You’ll start to get ions way more often, probably several times a day.
  • Your ions will become bigger and throbbingly hard.
  • You’ll find that you can last longer during  which is great because you get to use your big hard dick for longer.
  • You  more. I use to  3-4 squirts but now I sometimes  9 or 10 and I’m in my 30’s!
  • Your s feel more intense and last longer because you’re ming more.
  • It’s a big confidence booster to walk around knowing you can perform in the sack.

So those are all the benefits of using VigFX I can think of right now.

Final Verdict: I must say that the VigFX website does need updating as it looks like it’s been around for a while.

It essentially just lists some claims and has an order button.

But if you can get over the outdated looking website and give VigFX a try for at least 30 days then I think you will be amazed at what it can do

  • The official website to purchase from is

And if you have any questions then ask below!

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