2 Products That Will Increase The Size Of Your Member..

It was once believed that increasing the size of your penis was impossible.

Your only option would be to go through surgery which is costly and can produce some pretty awful results.

But the times have moved on and we now know that penis enlargement really is possible.

There are 2 types of products that are proven to work..

1: Extenders!

The first type of product I want to talk about are called extenders and they look like this..

Extender like the X4 Labs version shown above attach onto your penis and stretch it out.

If worn for at least 3 months they force a process called cell-devision to occur.

This is when 1 cell splits and becomes 2 cells which causes growth.

Extenders are proven to work by the British Institute of Urology and your can read about their study here.

One of the most popular and top rated extenders for sale online is called the X4 Labs and you can learn more about it here.

2: Male Enhancement Pills

Another option to increase the size of your member is to try one of the many male enhancement pills available for sale online.

Unlike extenders, they wont increase your size permanently. Instead they will increase the size of your erection for a while.

The benefit that supplements have over extenders is that they usually work right away whereas an extender can take months to see results.

When looking for a good supplement look for one that contain Bioperene because it helps with absorbtion.

Also look for a supplement that helps to increase nitric oxide levels because this helps more blood flow to your penis increasing the size of your erections.

One product that contains both Bioperene and helps increase nitric oxide levels is called VigFX and you can learn more about it here.


Extenders are good because they increase size permanently but they take time to work and supplements are good because they work fast but they aren’t permanent.

Hope this helps, thanks for reading!

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